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Why I'm Refocusing My Business On Intention & Impact

I sat down at my kitchen table one night towards the end of February and made a decision I’d been mulling over for months- I was going to rebrand my biz.

But I was, to that date, only in business for 6 months.

You see, when I began this studio back in August 2018, I knew that I wanted to create beautiful & meaningful brands for thinkers + doers (hence my tagline... crafting authentic visual brands for thinkers + doers”).

But to be real…. I still had no definitive idea what I was doing. Starting a business from scratch is a lot like a test kitchen for the first six months. You find out what goes well together, what needs a little tweak in the recipe, and what creates an all-out disaster.

I created a brand in a vague direction, and set out to work in an industry that I was familiar with.

Then the least expected happened- I found out the people I should be serving and working with were not at all who I envisioned, but couldn’t have been a more poetic & better fit.

Women. More specifically, women who are using their passions, their skills, and their fire to fill gaps, heal people, and overall contribute a positive impact to communities.

But in order for me to make sense of this to you, I need to go back to where it all began.

Let's rewind to four years ago.

I was sitting in my senior photography thesis class, about a month into the course, with the realization that I had zero inspiration for the project.

The project could be about literally anything in the entire world. So long as you produced a cohesive body of work, you were good. Welp, I was at a complete loss. At this life-altering, capstone to my studies in the hardest part of my college experience.

Up until this point, my photography had been very artsy. It never, ever incorporated people- I was terrified to shoot people.

But personally, I had recently met these two women that were so inspiring to me.

One was Rita- a sweet farmer & retired teacher that was creating a unique experience on her farm with her husband. They incorporated the agriculture & culinary aspects of their farm to create an experience for travelers and tourists coming to upstate NY. I had done a story on "Agriculinary Tourism" (the first I'd ever heard of this).

The other, Tara- one of the kindest women I have ever met. Recently remarried and back in school after a pretty turbulent divorce/period of her life, she was starting over in every way. She had remarried a kind man, going back to school and working two jobs to make ends meet.

I have a sweet spot for strong, independent women. As a daughter of a single mother for a big portion of my life, there’s truly nothing more inspiring to me than the “everyday women” who’s working overtime to give all of herself to her family & community.

So I decided I’d break through my fears of photography people & follow these two women around to photograph their “every day” life. It was the sweetest, most rewarding experience to bond with these women, learn about their families and the struggles they have overcome, and later be able to professionally showcase their inner & outer beauty to their local community.

It was then that I knew I wanted to work with women and tell their stories- I just didn’t know how to yet.

So, let’s fast forward to January of 2018.

It’s January of 2018, and I’m driving home from a yoga class listening to Oprah’s “The Wisdom of Sundays” over my car speakers.

At this time, I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life. I had been laid off from a job that I had given every piece of myself to, flat broke, and felt lost in every professional & personal way.

I’m going to preface this next part by saying that unless you’ve listened to this talk, or are familiar with the principle of intention, you may lose me here. But, hang tight.

Hearing Oprah’s talk on intention, and how it guides every business & personal action in her life.... very simply, changed my life. In a big way.

In a profound "aha" moment, I felt a major shift in my mindset & perspective. I realized that for so long, I had been just doing things because I felt I had to, not because that was my purpose. I had strayed so far off my original path & become so lost by my own actions that I had become a shell of myself that so deeply lacked intention.

It was the start of what would become a journey of me digging deep into myself, navigating back to where my true fire burned, and finding pathways to bring this to life.

So as I sat down at my kitchen table earlier this year, I knew it was time for me to refine & refocus my services & offerings with greater intention.

When I had began this business, I had a loose idea that I wanted to help small businesses create meaningful brands... but again, I wasn't as intentional as I could have been. I was seeking a path that reflected my past career, mainly out of familiarity & comfort.

But as it's often said, greatness lays on the outside of your comfort zone. And that's exactly what I found when I continued to take steps outside of my own.

When I dug deep into myself, I remembered what has always been a major passion of mine- community, and the small businesses that are the foundations of thriving, close knit communities. Even more, when those businesses & people are creating positive impact.

I think we all have the opportunity to create a better world, and it starts with a small community.

So here it is, my intention for KCC from this day forward- to collaborate with people & businesses that are intentionally moving communities forward with positive impact. Locally, nationally, & globally.

I can't wait to see where this takes this little passion of mine!